Two Penny Blue

Two Penny Blue


"... an utterly charming and endearingly

uplifting slice of folk-rock..."

- Gigslutz

Following their last single Gypsy, London-based trio Two Penny Blue are back with another catchy and colourful track, Lament, out now.

With the smooth, luscious vocals of Tommy Gathers, sweeping emotion-strewn harmonies and a rich musicality, Lament is a twinkling slice of folk-rock oozing a grand romanticism and soaring sense of joy. Though reflecting on the grim prospect of death, the band’s playful lyricism encourages us to accept its finality and just take life as it comes. As Gathers elaborates: “... it's trying to glorify the Atheist perspective of life and death, preaching to sit back, drink champagne and just be happy you were alive.”

Having formed in London, Two Penny Blue have kept to a ruthless live schedule and have already started to build a reputation for their quirky, crowd-pleasing live performances. Throughout all their music there is a great message, not of great political or worldly problems, but something philosophical and profound. Now, with the lilting bliss of Lament, they intend to continue charming the ears of listeners far and wide.

Lament, the forthcoming single from Two Penny Blue, is out now.

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