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“Vast stadium-swaying swathes of vocal melodrama”
The Independent

Unkle Bob returns with a brand new EP, Songs for Others, out now via JustMe. Previously gaining support from Q Magazine and described by The Times as “a master of the lovelorn, desperate lyric”, Songs For Others amalgamates influences old and new on this latest easy-to-adore four track EP.

With Unkle Bob pulling comparisons ranging from Fables of the Reconstruction-era REM and Aztec Camera to the likes of Nick Drake, Songs for Others continues to explore a more up-tempo path. Largely recorded in a Scottish bedroom, singer-songwriter Rick took inspiration from artists like R Stevie Moore, Nick Cave, Grizzly Bear and The Smiths, moving away from a purely acoustic sound to experiment with electric guitars, distortion pedals and looping effects.

The EP embodies Unkle Bob’s ability to create catchy hooks, enhanced by echoing, overlapping vocals and cathartic lyrics that explore love and loss. Opening track, and first single Brother, is a downpour of reverberant, harmonised melodies, and the chorus evokes the spirit of Neil Young, as Rick sings “Forever I’ll be your Brother...”. The second track ‘Change’ immediately picks up the pace, building swiftly into a blissful, crisp pop ballad befitting acclaimed bands like Doves. The EP’s glorious closer ‘Home’ enjoys the lyric “Home is where the heart is, and you still have a heart...” and sounds as if such a simple sentiment has never been said before.

Songs for Others follows the critically lauded albums Sugar and Spite (2006), and Shockwaves (2010), records that made the band something of a cult phenomenon in the US. Their songs were the sound-track to countless US dramas  (spawning well over 100,000 downloads in the process) whilst the song ‘Swans’ was featured in the climax to a Grey’s Anatomy storyline. This record was funded through PledgeMusic. Using the idea of a ‘Song for You’ option, Unkle Bob gave fans the opportunity to buy a song written about their lives. Rick entered into dialogue with the fans about lyrics and the general style of the track, giving birth to the single Brother and EP track ‘Home’.

Songs for Others EP continues Unkle Bob’s hectic 2013 schedule. Having returned with the Letters EP on Christmas Day last year, following the death and resurrection of the band itself, Unkle Bob have gone onto play 3 festival in Changsha (China) in front of 20,000 people, will be shooting a video for the single Brother, before releasing Songs For Others in August.

Songs for Others is out now via JustMe.

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