Van Common

Van Common

Following last year’s single This Afternoon, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sebastiaan van Ravenhorst - aka Van Common - returns with his uplifting new single Moonlight Blue, out now.

Written late one night from a beach house that van Ravenhorst had retreated to alone in order to gather his thoughts, Moonlight Blue is inspired by the intimate connection he feels to the moon; a connection that envelopes him when the rest of the world is sleeping. Flowing with twinkling melodies and swooning vocals, it oozes a sweeping, dreamy majesty.

With shades of the catchy jangle-pop made famous by the likes of Real Estate, it’s a beautifully heartfelt creation. Of the songwriting process, van Ravenhorst expands: “I kind of started singing to the moon as if she was a woman, being scared to grow too attached as she might leave me in the morning.”

Only recently making the move from typical band set-up to that of solo artist, with the intention of taking full creative control, Van Common now writes, sings and plays everything himself. Now, having charmed crowds at Paradiso Amsterdam, Sofar Sounds San Francisco and Rockwood Music Hall, New York, Van Common is ready to captivate listeners worldwide with this ethereal new single.

Moonlight Blue is out now.

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