Voodoo Johnson

Voodoo Johnson


“Cleverly honed classic rock with global aspirations.”Kerrang

Voodoo Johnson, having already made their mark on rockers up and down the country with their debut album 10,000 Horses, embarked on a 2011 UK tour to help catapult them to greatness.

Formed in Birmingham in 2007, the band are Nik Taylor-Stoakes (vocals), Carl Gethin (guitar), Paul Gethin (guitar), David Barker (drums) and Rich Bellamy (bass). 2010 saw them release their debut album to massive critical acclaim, receiving accolades from publications such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Classic Rock Magazine. They've also received regular airplay from Kerrang radio's Johnny Doom as well as the God of metal, and BBC 6 Music presenter, Bruce Dickinson. With so much support behind them, it wasn't long before they caught the eye of other well established classic rock outfits, which led to them supporting Europe on their UK Balls and Banners Tour last February, and has also seen them share a stage with Motorhead and Monster Magnet at Hard Rock Hell and Guilfest.

Voodoo Johnson have taken the classic heavy rock formula and catapulted it into the present, with their combination of face melting guitars and throbbing percussion elevating Nik's powerful vocals to the forefront of the music, providing fans with catchy metal hooks and gruff vocal harmonies that are a welcome breath of fresh air in this current climate of screamo driven rock. With their sound hearkening back to the days when Metallica and Iron Maiden dominated the rock scene, their tour caused explosions in mosh pits all over the UK.

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