White Ape

White Ape


White Ape have the new year firmly in their sights with their second EP Kick It Down released via Sotones.

Kick It Down is a return to the raw and subversive sound that slicked the streets of ‘70s London, with a deadpan humour and take no prisoners attitude that sees the band take on urban gentrification and highlights the creativity that blossoms in some of the more run down parts of the Capital. While the subjects they tackle may seem bleak, their guitar hooks, witty lyrics and sneering vocals add a sartorial elegance to their sound. Make no mistake, White Ape’s intense live performance loses nothing of its raw energy when committed to record, and this EP is the evidence.

Based in London, White Ape are Tommy Mack (vocals & guitar), Jim Turner (guitar), Mike Davies (bass) and Olly Goulding (drums). They’ve been together since 2012, when founding members Tommy and Mike decided to form a band after a drunken night swimming in the China Sea. Since then, members have come and gone, replaced by Mike’s childhood friends. Tommy remains suspicious that he may be the next to go…

With influences ranging from the words of H P Lovecraft to the sheer, unbridled experimentation of Captain Beefheart, Kick It Down presents a snap shot in the lives of four musicians with a flair for social commentary backed up by stripped down, rabble rousing rock. In these ‘interesting times’, their timing could’t be better.

Kick It Down is released via Sotones.

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