Welsh three piece XY&O look set to continue their impressive rise as they gear up for the release the yacht-pop inspired banger, Shades of You, out now via Electric MVM.

Combining elements of chillwave, synth-pop and R&B, Shades of You sees Cardiff based XY&O create a memorable brand of sun drenched haze-pop; juxtaposing eminently danceable hooks with profound lyrical content. Warm electro sounds ambiently pour from the speakers, as glitchy beats twinkle and shimmer and are neatly brought together by the stunningly delivered soothing vocals of Skip Curtis (vocals, rhythm guitar).

XY&O began as a dorm room project at university when Tudor Davies (keyboard, percussion) invited Skip, an old friend from Cardiff, to write, record and eat their way through a musical collaboration. With fellow student Nick Kelly (guitar, bass) now roped in, XY&O were born and set about writing ‘Low Tide’, their first official track together. Gaining immediate popularity on Spotify, the band’s songwriting began to soar with debut EP ‘Shimmer + Shade’ taking shape. Now, 35 million streams later, and with a residency of free shows at The Big Top in Cardiff (April 19th - June 1st) to coincide with the release of Shades of You, XY&O are set to make 2018 their own.

Shades of You by XY&O is out now via Electric MVM.

XY&O on tour