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Yeah Saint Paul


Yeah Saint Paul aka Angel Rivers, released his debut album Women Are Stoned via Loyal Artistes Recording Co. on 4th November 2013. The album explores themes such as self belief, change, horizons, sexuality and companionship.

Angel’s influences span a wide range of genres. Women Are Stoned blends a retro sound akin to The Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett and Pavement with a subtle touch of Prince and a sound that Julian Cope has honed on his later records - an interesting mix. ‘Gold’ is a perfect example of this sound as Angel’s words float lazily over the almost psychedelic melody. The track is quiet and understated but still manages to pack a punch. ‘Needle On Plastic’ evokes a sound that feels like Can meets The xx, whilst ‘Tellstory Eyes’ is like one of The Band’s more introspective moments. Approaching the halfway point, ‘Clocks’ and ‘Rendezvous’ are quietly eccentric and ‘A Universe In The Grain’ showcases Angel’s ear for writing a catchy, unconventional tune - somewhere inbetween Jonathan Richman, Big Star and The Posies with that signature understated, idiosyncratic feel that Yeah Saint Paul has made his own.

Although many different influences can be heard on the album Angel has stated he does not listen to music whilst recording. The album itself is only about his own personal exploration but the title is a giveaway as to another inspiration - the fairer sex. “I was brought up surrounded by women...” Angel explains, “And women are the only ones who have shown me substantial, credible love and loyalty through life.”

Angel composed all the tracks and played every instrument you hear on the album. After the album, Yeah Saint Paul will follow up Women Are Stoned with the release of a 7-inch single of one-off collaborations, and a new YSP album later in 2014.

Women Are Stoned was released on 4th November 2013.

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