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Rockers Desert Clouds return with another slice of pure artistic expression!

Posted Thu, 10 May 2018

"... one serious, unapologetic classic rock anthem."
- The Vinyl District

For Fans of... Pearl Jam, Queens of The Stone Age, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains

Written in the perspective of people walking throughout their life towards a destination that, from afar, appears to be going nowhere, Desert Clouds' Under Tons builds from a psychedelic blues/folk feel into a full-frontal classic rock anthem. As the grunge-tinged guitars reach full throttle, so do the pulsating drum beats to create a sound akin to that of Queens of the Stone Age or Alice In Chains.

Tonnes of sound...

Under Tons premiered exclusively on The Vinyl District.
• Initially founded in London in 2008 by David Land and Val Wallace, Desert Clouds have previously received acclaim for albums The Floating Oar in 2015, and Time Distortions in 2017.
Under Tons was produced at Mix Room Studio.

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