An Endless Room

An Endless Room


Led by a philosophy of ORIGINALITY ABOVE ALL THINGS, An Endless Room is the perfect place to come and be wildly creative. The studio is particularly suited to those writing and recording on the fly, with a huge and constantly growing collection of musical equipment for musicians to utilise - currently over 60 effects pedals, 30 guitars and amps, 10 pianos and synths, 20 vintage and modern microphones, a 70s Ludwig stainless steel drum kit, a Roland TR808 drum machine, Roland RE201 Space Echo and a fog machine.

The studio has an interesting musical heritage having originally formed part of the legendary Utopia Studios in the 1970s and 1980s. During its golden age, people like Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Sting and Freddie Mercury all recorded here.

An Endless Room is owned by Ruby Slippers Records – an independent record label looking to put out a few small-budget releases over the next few years for truly unique artists. If you’re a band recording here they’ll take a listen. If you’re not recording here they’ll still take a listen! Any money generated from the studio will go to funding the label.

There will also be some other rather interesting goings-on over the next few months – watch out for recorded sessions with various bands, interviews and other special features that bands will be able to take part in.