Pad & Pen Records

Pad & Pen Records


Pad & Pen Records are a two-man indie record label, distribution and management company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Founded in 2008 by Troels Kjeldgaard, Pad & Pen was set up as an outlet for his love of hip-hop and rock music. Later that year, Pad & Pen released their first record – a 12-inch single by Danish hip-hop group, Majors.

This was just the beginning. In late 2008 Pad & Pen welcomed co-owner, Andre Lerche, kick-starting a flurry of releases and a rise in the label’s reputation. Having signed Darling Don’t Dance, who released their debut EP in May 2009, the band elevated the label within the Danish underground music scene, paving the way for the signing of bands such as King’s Light Infantry, The Shaking Sensations, Among Relatives and L.Y.A.

With their reputation cemented in Denmark, Pad & Pen Records signed their heroes Mimas and joined forces with UK label Big Scary Monsters to release Mimas’ music in Scandinavia. With a burgeoning relationship fostered with Big Scary Monsters, Pad & Pen signed the explosive Talons, who would prove a hit amongst the Danish music press.

Pad & Pen Records have now set their sights on the UK, aiming to bring their inventive and varied brand of indie music kicking and screaming from the underground music scene in Denmark, to the music loving public of the UK.

Artists currently on their roster include:

The Megaphonic Thrift
Among Relatives
Keith Canisius
Darling Don't Dance
Emil Friis
King's Light Infantry
The Shaking Sensations