Chromatone returns with his new single Play For Me released via CDC Music.

Play For Me offers a bright Funk/Soul sound reminiscent of influences such as Justin Timberlake, and even bares comparison to Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran’s latest output. This is authentic, Big Band, Gospel-inspired Pop music - an organic and exciting record designed to incite dance from the musically literate. It’s a welcome embrace of modern music’s rekindled love for the 70s.

While only 22, Chromatone can already look back at a remarkable life. Son to a single-parent concert pianist mother who fled the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia, he found his early refuge in Jimi Hendrix & Beatles albums, which he would play secretly at night, teaching himself the guitar by ear.

However, his tastes would quickly change after making the move to London from Munich and immersing himself in the sounds of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, to name but a few Soul and Funk legends.

Fast forward a couple of years and Chromatone sold out top London venues such as the Jazz Café & Scala, sold over 4,000 copies of his debut EP Touchdown, earned over 1,500,000 hits on YouTube & attracted support from UK tastemakers such as SB.TV & Dropout UK, culminating in this latest single, Play For Me and a forthcoming album due for release in 2015.

The single features remixes by the legendary Herbaliser (Ninja Tune) and a further expansion into the Eastern world of British/Asian band Trickbaby.

Play For Me is released via CDC Music.

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