Introducing… Chromatone!

Genre: Pop

"…a perfect little slice of modern pop."

- FAMEmagazine

The new single from Chromatone's recently released EP Touchdown is the confessional, and deeply personal Alien. The track is dressed in catchy pop hooks and introspective lyrics focusing on the pitfalls of surviving in the modern world as an outsider, with a carnivalesque instrumentation that's as sinister as it is euphoric in places. It's a strong offering from an artist who independently sold over 4,000 copies of his debut EP and boasts a dedicated fanbase, allowing him to fill venues such as the O2 Academy Islington, Jazz Café and Scala.

You can check out the video to the single Alien on YouTube.

You can also check out the video for Flyin' on YouTube. It's already racked up over 160,000 views!

Alien also demonstrates what a Chromatone gig sounds like, with the decision to make the single a live arrangement stemming from Chromatone’s passion for real instruments and Gospel-inspired arrangements, showcasing the musician behind the moniker. The track was arranged and produced with Mahlon Rhamie of StarClef Music, whose previous clients include legends like Amy Winehouse, James Brown and Quincy Jones.

Chromatone began his foray into the world of music as a classical guitarist aged six and then as a musical theatre actor in his teens, before falling in love with the world of pop via Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. He soon found himself winning Germany's prestigious Battle of The Bands and Sprungbrett Popkultur and touring across Europe and Asia. Moving to London, he established himself as a session musician, singer and street dancer. Chromatone soon caught audiences' attention by fusing Soul, Rock and Funk into an infectious mix, sprinkled with his distinct form of breakdancing, granting him that extra hook to set out on his solo career.

With online press coverage ranging from MTV Wrap Up, SB.TV, Digital Spy, Artrocker and with his YouTube channel garnering over 1 million views, Chromatone is well on his way to becoming a pop and soul sensation.

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Posted Wed, 29 Jan 2014 in Chromatone