Flower Fellow

Flower Fellow


“... an incredibly confident and certain offering...” - IDOL Magazine

"...outstanding..." - Drunken Werewolf

“...exceptional and captivating...” - Gigslutz

Flower Fellow aka Colette Olive may be only seventeen but she’s a child of the seventies at heart. She expresses her bohemian bliss through flowers, flowers everywhere with her latest single Madman conveying her hippy-folk influences via wistful vocals and melodies.

Madman is an enchanting folk tale filled with rumbling bass and Colette’s powerful, yet gentle voice creating a beautifully layered wall of sound. Colette’s voice has a brilliant edge to it, but with the tenderness of Lucy Rose.

Hailing from a quiet town on the outskirts of London, Colette’s influences were icons such as Janis Joplin, Jeff Buckley and Stevie Nicks. She also found inspiration in literature, particularly Sylvia Plath and Virginia Wolf, however, it was her move to London to begin Art College when she truly felt like she belonged.

Flower Fellow has already caught the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing, IDOL Magazine and Drunken Werewolf as well as playing live sessions for Mahogany, Daytrotter and Fortitude Magazine.

Madman is out on Circus City Records.

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