Goldie Thorn

Goldie Thorn


Goldie Thorn would like to take you on a journey through the backstreets of East London, along canal pathways in the first blush of morning, where people stumble home past bicycle messengers delivering bread to early morning cafes, the bass still resonating in their ears from the night’s clubbing.

EP Canal Life captures the pulse of the city, utilising found sounds and cheeky samples to create a subdued but energetic musical portrait of London. Chameleonic in nature, these tunes are just as effective blasted out of PA speakers at a packed warehouse dance floor, or back at home surrounded by friends at the afterparty, when you just don’t want the night to end.

Reverend Thorn (synths & production) and Gold & Chain (vocals & drums) began their journey in Australia, two musicians thrown together by a shared love of Giorgio Moroder, LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip. They joined forces and moved to the UK to spread their message, the message in this case being a collection of electronically infused tunes designed to get you to stand up and pay attention.

Previous single Down Town Time was a blend of sparse 80s synth with a modern edge. With their latest EP Canal Life Goldie Thorn have captured the sound of a city that is always in motion, and have found delicate beauty in its darker corners. Now they’re ready to share it with you.

Canal Life is out now on Dreamtime Records and distributed worldwide via Juno Records. A bonus fourth track, ‘Chrome Night (Faze Action remix)’, is available for those who buy the EP digitally.

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