"" ambitious, psychadelic wash of melodies..."
- Prog Magazine

In summer 2012 Knifeworld released the EP Clairvoyant Fortnight on Believers Roast. The EP followed 2011’s critically acclaimed EP Dear Lord, No Deal and their 2009 debut album Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat.

With their trademark uncompromising psychedelia in full effect, Knifeworld still sound like no-one else. Intense and kaleidoscopic, this release offers another piece of the curious jigsaw.

Opener “Clairvoyant Fortnight” sees Knifeworld unwittingly create “Bubblegum Prog”. In fact, the EP is the sound of three pop songs forced at gunpoint into one, establishing the energetic, playful nature of what’s to come. “In A ForeignWay” showcases Kavus Torabi's knack for well constructed inventive composition, with melodic sensibilities not unlike XTC and Frank Zappa. The EP closes with the epic “The Prime Of Our Decline”, displaying  a sound closer to avant-garde Zeuhl artists such as France’s Magma and Japan’s Koenji Hyakkei. It may well be Knifeworld's most musically dense piece yet. Goose-bump inducing key changes accompany the soaring vocals while the brief interlude of staccato guitars and brass melodies reveals the band's more experimental tendencies. The result of this boundary pushing EP, is a success on every level from musicianship, catchy tunes and experimental psychedelia.

With Clairvoyant Fortnight, former Cardiacs guitarist Kavus Torabi (vox, guitar) has managed to create an eclectic combination musicians with Ben Woollacott (drums), Charlie Cawood (bass), Chrome Hoof members Emmett Elvin and Chloe Herington (keyboards and sax, bassoon respectively) and former Cardiacs vocalist Melanie Woods (vox) joining him on his “bubblegum prog” journey.

Heavy support was received from Prog Magazine (formerly Classic Rock Prog), Rock Sound, The Quietus and Rock A Rolla to name a few. Knifeworld already have the alt rock world covered but with their last offering they the caught attention of a wider audience, with fans ranging far and wide from snooker champion Steve Davis to BBC 6Music’s Marc Riley and XFM’s John Kennedy.

With this release, Knifeworld proved that “prog” is not just a genre, but a concept, always changing and adapting. They applied this ethos to Clairvoyant Fortnight and created a vast, intelligent, fun and ever evolving sound with few barriers or limitations.