Following acclaim for their last release, Isolation, Danish alternative-pop band Nûrnbear are back to grace our ears with new single Words (Can Tear Down Walls), out now via We Are Suburban.

Blending politically charged lyrics with an upbeat, flamboyant pop sensibility, Words (Can Tear Down Walls) oozes glitchy beats alongside smooth, catchy hooks. Combining the impassioned, soaring vocals of charismatic frontman Emil Wahlberg with a playful energy, a cascading soundscape is created, suitable for dance-floors and bedrooms alike. As weighty subject matter is juxtaposed with blissful vibes; it’s another instantly infectious slice of electro-fused pop from the Danish band. 

Having been associated with known Danish acts such as The Chairman and The Awesome Welles, Emil Wahlberg formed Nûrnbear in 2016. With the addition of Christian Tranberg (beats), Mads Siggaard (synthesiser) and Rune Christensen (bass) Nûrnbear began to write energetically playful tracks that would begin to resonate with a new generation of music lovers. Now, following the success of Isolation, Nûrnbear look set to conquer the UK and beyond with this catchy new single. 

Words (Can Tear Down Walls) is out now via We Are Suburban.

Nûrnbear on tour