The Blood Arm

The Blood Arm


“...playfully knowing indie rock...” - Q Magazine

After the release of the critically acclaimed 2011 album Turn And Face Me, The Blood Arm returned with their fourth album Infinite Nights, on June 17th 2013 via RIP Ben Lee Records. Infinite Nights showcased a more mature sound after a short break and a move from their LA home to the cool avant-garde city of Berlin.

Infinite Nights is about hopefulness, which seems apt after the big move. Alongside the band’s musical inspiration of Wings and Pulp, Haruki Murakami's novel 1Q84 also set the mood for the record, emphasising the sensation of restlessness and longing, whilst keeping their youthful view of the world around them. With keyboardist Dyan Valdes and frontman Nathaniel Fregoso based in Berlin, their fresh surroundings allowed them to creatively explore themes such as change, relationships and the process of getting older, which was reflected in the new, more experimental, direction of Infinite Nights.

“Wrong Side of the Law” starts the album with an air of introspection harking back to sounds akin to the Jesus and Mary Chain. However, with single “Midnight Moan”, The Blood Arm’s foot-stomping, upbeat tempos return as they hone a sound akin to Roxy Music. “Revenge” is mid naughties loveliness with a vintage Rolling Stones edge whilst “Sex Fiend” channels The B-52s throw back 60s indie pop. However, this is very much an album of two halves with The Blood Arm’s signature head bobbing, party tunes interlaced with reflective ballads and gorgeous acoustic tracks like “Oh Ali Bell!”, “Happy Hour” and “Let Me Be Your Guide”. Matthew Wheeler of The Rumble Strips also sings and plays drums on the album, adding to The Blood Arm’s fresh new direction.

The album was funded by PledgeMusic. PledgeMusic’s aim is to help bands fundraise for releases, encouraging them to participate with fans by creating unique ways to access exclusive content and material, such as a few scarves hand- knit by Dyan and unique songs written for pledgers.