Chris Leo’s Vague Angels

Chris Leo’s Vague Angels


"Chris Leo's bands have entirely nailed a musical niche that could be pointed to and claimed as theirs." - Drowned In Sound

Chris Leo's latest musical project, Vague Angels, finally sees Manhattan’s own wordy, wandering minstrel release the much-anticipated The Sunny Day I Caught Tintarella di Luna for a Picnic at the Cemetery on Expect Candy Records. The album conjures-up the finest elements of Leo’s writing style – from the dissonant riff-based rock of The Lapse to the entrancing melodies of The Van Pelt. However, songs like “The Moon, The Metaphor” hark back to a sound more akin to The Velvet Underground. This album is Chris Leo’s finest accomplishment to date and the sound of a musician / writer with integrity and intelligence as well as heart and soul.

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