Hereford boys Talons released their debut album Hollow Realm on Big Scary Monsters, November 29th 2010. The album was produced by former iForward Russia! frontman Tom Woodhead and comprises of eight brand new songs, written as a single piece of music.

Forging the explosive energy of hardcore, the subtleties of post-rock and the fractured song structures and complexities associated with math-rock, Talons possess a fascinating sense of urgency and drive, with a sound that both soothes and savages in equal measure.

Hollow Realm is a beautifully harrowing instrumental rock infusion. Tracks like “St. Mary Will Be The Death of Us All” and “Peter Pan” are surging math-rock masterpieces whilst at ten-minutes long “Hollow Depth” delves into the heavier end of prog with hectic strings and lightning fast, complex riffs that will induce tears of joy!

The boys released debut single The Pearl in August 2009 to great reception from printed press to influential blogs. They followed this with two very limited edition split singles of 100 copies each. The first, Bethlehem (a split with Irish rockers And So I Watch You From Afar), was released in December 2009 and sold out on pre-order alone, whilst the second, Anthropods, was a split with Chicago based noisemakers Noumenon, and disappeared just as quickly.

With new band features in the likes of Rock Sound and Q Magazine, the band embarked upon a UK tour in November 2010 to support the release of Hollow Realm and prepare themselves for the warm embrace of the music press. They are a band who crossover into many genres, never limiting their horizons. Whether you’re a prog, metal or rock fan or simply just into music that will “blow your head off”, then look no further than Talons!