Bad Mannequins release EP ‘Deny Til U Die – Part I’!

For fans of... Japandroids, Electric Six, The Hives, The Strokes

“...tongue-in-cheek songwriting with a garage-punk guitar tone which would've made The Strokes proud.” - Team Rock

"... fiery garage-rock filled with blistering guitar riffs and ground-shaking percussion..." - The Revue

"Across the four tracks, Bad Mannequins

display their tireless swagger..."
- Gigslutz

Channelling the late 70s CBGB’s era of New York city’s punk rock scene, Glasgow two-piece Bad Mannequins have released Deny Til U Die – Part I, the first instalment in a trilogy of EPs. The EP is out now via Triple Denim and is available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Deny Til U Die – Part I was exclusively premiered on Gigslutz and this followed on from the previously released single I Hate You, encapsulating everything that Bad Mannequins have to offer: killer riffs are accented by metronomic, pounding drum beats, fuzz-filled vocals are delivered at break neck speed and all rounded off neatly with the obligatory hand clap. The video premiered on Team Rock and is now available to watch on the Bad Mannequins YouTube channel.

The audio for the single premiered on Punk Rock Theory and is now available to stream via the band's Soundcloud page. The first track to be released from the EP Buzz Killer Skinny Gene, which premiered on The Revue, is also available to stream via the band's Soundcloud.

The first of a three part EP trilogy, Deny Til U Die Part I contains radio friendly tunes combined with a garage rock attitude, as Bad Mannequins press their steel toe capped boots firmly on the throats of modern music; melding an in your face punk rock sound with tongue in cheek lyrics, creating a fun, hook-laden four track record. Semi-autobiographical and aiming barbs at the music scene in general, Deny Til U Die Part I gives the sense of a band who don’t take themselves too seriously, without losing their ability to create highly technical garage rock tunes.

Comprised of Ross Hamilton (lead vocals, guitar) and Jamie McGrory (drums, vocals), the duo formed after having been in a previous band together. Combining their efforts to write songs collaboratively, they realised they were creating something that was a huge departure from what they had been used to, and they loved it. Taking inspiration from the likes of Electric Six, The Hives, Television, Ramones and B-52s, the second song they ever wrote was immediately picked up by US TV show Limitless with their track ‘No Easy Way Out’ being used in the opening moments of the first episode. Since then, the band have written a trilogy of EP’s, which they will release over the course of this year, with a number of gigs planned to coincide with each release.

Deny Til U Die – Part I is out now and available to to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify via Triple Denim.

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Posted Mon, 05 Jun 2017 in Bad Mannequins