Introducing… Little Arrow!

For fans of: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Bowerbirds, Devendra Banhart

Little Arrow are back with their third album Furious Finite, due for release 13th October 2014 via Bubblewrap Collective.

To give you a taste of the album, Little Arrow recorded an acoustic 'Ski Lift Session' for album track 'Medicine Moon' which you can watch now via their YouTube channel. You can also stream and download the track for free from the band's SoundCloud page or via the embed below.

The album defies genres, incorporating elements of folk, grunge, rock and psychedelia. Reared in the wilds of St. Davids in Pembrokeshire, Little Arrow bottle up the spirit of their natural surroundings and transpose it into an edgy, grunge folk cocktail. Lead singer, William Hughes, describes the album as “concerning the human spirit, the pains and great joys of human relationships as we gain and lose others throughout our life. It also expresses solace, which can be found through immersion into the outside environment. But most importantly it expresses collaboration between five good friends sharing high and lows and dancing in each other’s heads.”

It is for this reason it feels almost unjust not to listen to Furious Finite from start to finish. Every song has a different story to share – each as rich and enchanting as the next. The album opens with ‘Government Bodies’, where you can hear the psychedelic influence immediately. The track then falls into a more comfortable folk/country feel that almost takes you back in time. From here the album moves on to the album’s first single, Medicine Moon. This track expresses unique elements in Hughes’ voice alongside an almost choral background of deep voices that complement the guitar’s distortion and slides. This album has a number of surprises hidden away which keep you guessing throughout.

Little Arrow were formed in 2011 by William Hughes. His acoustic templates have since been broadened with the arrival of Dan Messore (guitar), Ben Sharpe (guitar), Callum Duggan (bass) and Richard Chitty (drums). The resultant sound is open, borne of the folk tradition which is reflected in their suitably chosen band name Little Arrow. Their name was born from three members of the band embarking on an adventure through Europe and eventually ending up meeting a baker named Moon. The three spent their evening with Moon who supplied them with a feast fit for kings. When morning came, Moon had disappeared and left nothing but a pile of three loaves waiting on a square scarf and in the sand, spelt out in rocks next to it, was the phrase “Live your life true like a little arrow”. The rest, as they say, is history.

Furious Finite is released 13th October 2014 via Bubblewrap Collective.

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