Introducing… OAKLND!

For fans of... Astronomyy, Thomston, LANY

"...a breezy piece of yacht pop..." - Clash

Multi-instrumentalist OAKLND is delighted to unveil his breezy, California-inspired pop music through the release of his debut single Hold On, out on 3rd November 2017 via AWAL

The single premiered on Clash and is now available to stream on the OAKLND Soundcloud page.

Combining elements of the dreamy west coast pop produced by acts like LANY with the chillwave, R&B sensibilities of acts such as Astronomyy and Thomston, Hold On sees OAKLND craft a mellow electro-pop sound meshed with personal, biographical lyrical content, that is as rich in texture as it is in atmosphere. 

Having played in a touring band in Scotland, Colin Mckillop decided to pursue a solo project on the back of a trip to Los Angeles; a trip that helped to consolidate the kind of dream-pop sound we can hear oozing from Hold On. Turning a small corner of his bedroom into a makeshift studio, OAKLND has honed his style over the past twelve months, leading him down a creative path that he could truly call his own and, ultimately, to the creation of his stylish debut single Hold On

Hold On by OAKLND is out in 3rd November 2017 via AWAL

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Posted Wed, 18 Oct 2017 in OAKLND