Jo Mango remix album ‘Transformuration’ out now!

For fans of: Vetiver, Bowerbirds, Nina Nastasia

Immensely charming…" - The Times

Jo Mango has released her genre defying remix album Transformuration via Olive Grove Records. Enlisting the help of an excitingly unconventional group of international artists, the album is a reimagining of all 10 tracks of her 2012 sophomore release, Murmuration.

Album track 'Evermore (The Cormorant Remix)' premiered on Clash Magazine's website and you can now stream and download it from the ABoF SoundCloud page or via the embed below.

The album ranges from the breath-taking dignity of English new-folk linchpin Adem’s version of ‘Cordelia’, to Australian Ben TD’s largely instrumental reworking of ‘Blue Dawn Light’ that nods to electro of the likes of Erlend Oye. One half of SAY nominated Scottish duo Conquering Animal Sound remixes as CARBS and completely re-envisages the dark layers of ‘Kingdom’ with finger-clicks and hand-thumps, while ex-Frightened Rabbit guitarist Gordon Skene (aka Fraction Man) takes a bombastic shot at ‘Crossties’. Alongside this, American remixer Cycad moves on from his previous work with Tilly and the Wall, to reshape ‘Every Certainty’ into a sound-designed choir-like, cathedral piece.

The result is like the original album, in that, amongst the clamour of a crowded market, it places a gentle and insistent demand on the listener to stop and consider. Despite the light-hearted humour of the title, Transformuration presents an intellectual reimagining of the original album in myriad surprising and enlightening ways, that continue to foreground the complex (dark and delicate) nature of Mango’s unique voice.

Transformuration was released as a limited edition tape as part of this year's Cassette Store Day celebration on September 27th 2014 and is now available as a full digital release through Olive Grove Records on iTunes.

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Posted Mon, 13 Oct 2014 in Jo Mango