Me And My Drummer release single “You’re A Runner”

For fans of... Bat For Lashes, Björk, Florence + The Machine, The Knife

German duo Me And My Drummer release their debut single You're A Runner today, via Berlin based label Sinnbus.

You're A Runner is available to download now for a limited time only via the A Badge of Friendship Soundcloud.

The single is about "someone driven to the edge and an abyss" says singer Charlotte Brandi. "The singer embodies the voice in her head, 'the angel on her shoulder' so to speak." The track builds around this theme with Matze Pröllochs' steady beats acting as a backbone to the melody, which builds perfectly. Charlotte's deliberately off-kilter vocals crescendo into gorgeous lilting tones that match the intense and explosive chorus. You'e A Runner makes a worthy comparison to epic, alternative modern pop acts such as Florence + The Machine and Bat For Lashes.

The video for You're A Runner is available to watch now on YouTube.

Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs met in Tübingen (Matze's hometown) in Germany whilst doing theatre work. They were stage musicians signed on for three productions in a row. Their mutual inspirations brought them together and those inspirations range far and wide. The pair site Micachu And The Shapes, Beach House, The Roots, Ella Fitzgerald and M.I.A. as some of their melodic influences. Hip hop, electro and pop have all had a baring on how they write music, which is clear to hear on their forthcoming album The Hawk, The Beak , The Prey, out in September.

You're A Runner has already received heavy support from Amazing Radio and BBC 6Music's Tom Ravenscroft and XFM's Mary Anne Hobbs and John Kennedy. With their debut album out in September the band have a busy summer ahead touring and sharing their music with as many people as possible.

In a market saturated by saccharine indie pop nonsense, fluffy haircuts and skinny jeans, Me And My Drummer are a breath of fresh air with music that will not only appeal to a wide audience but a sound that has real soul and depth.

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Posted Mon, 14 May 2012 in Me And My Drummer