Moviestar reveal retro game-inspired video for ‘Stupid People’!

For fans of... Television, LCD Soundsystem, The Cramps, Super Mario

"Nothing's off-limits..." - Team Rock

" adventurous and energetic single built on enthusiastic shifts that you wouldn’t expect..."

Intergalactic archeologists Moviestar prepare to astound and amaze with their new collection of sci-fi infused punk-rock tracks. Their debut album Stupid People / Happy Days is out on 9th February 2018 via Oh Yeah!.

The 32-bit game inspired video for title-track Stupid People premiered on Team Rock and is now available to stream on Moviestar's YouTube channel.

Talking about the video, Infinity Vik explains "There was never supposed to be puppets involved at all. And this Super Mario cop-out in coloured cardboard, which it is now... I thought I was organising a 1985 pop culture party, but I only know puppet people, so I only invited puppeteers and puppet-makers. Of course, it turned into a puppet rampage. I had to go into hiding to recover for a few months to recover.'"

The audio for the single premiered on IDIOTEQ and is now available to stream via Moviestar's Soundcloud page. It is also available on Spotify and iTunes.

Stupid People is a fuzz-filled, electro-punk anthem about people on earth. Infinity Vik explains “When we came through the wormhole, we were shocked to see how badly people treated the earth and each other. We realised that people just don't care!”. The track is instantly catchy from the offset, filled with a plethora of futuristic sounds and a shit ton of reverb.

Moviestar are like no other band on earth. Having formed in the future on planet Fenris, Infinity Vik, The Octopus Goddess and The Anaconda create their own unique version of art punk pop, filled with sonic twists and eccentric electronica throughout. The dynamic trio were chosen to go on a dangerous mission through space and time to retrieve “the stone” and save the world. Moviestar were then sent to Norway, the safest nation in the world, in the dreaded year of 2016.

Throughout the album, a cocktail of sounds are created by the eclectic threesome. Infinity Vik plays a disfigured guitar with only four strings, The Octopus Goddess plays an alluring 32 stringed instrument as well as a synth bass triggered by her toes and The Anaconda uses a child’s drum kit to create astounding, rhythmic soundscapes.

Moviestar are not just a band, they are a reality experience. Their live shows encompass performance, art, storytelling, fashion and music in a whole new transcending form. Infinity Vik is a true performer with an explosive stage presence, having been compared to being a female incarnation of the likes of David Bowie and Freddy Mercury. With Stupid People / Happy Days, Moviestar are ready to put the feeling of danger back into rock ’n’ roll.

Catch Moviestar live at the following dates:

October 6th - Blackmarket VIP, Hastings

October 7th - The Flower Pot, Maidstone

October 9th - The Rialto Theatre, Brighton

October 10th - The Ballroom, Canterbury

October 12th - Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Brighton

October 19th - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

October 21st - The Albert, Stroud

October 22nd - Roadtrip & The Workshop, London

October 28th - The Prince Albert, Brighton

Stupid People / Happy Days is out on 9th February 2018 via Oh Yeah!.

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