Outblinker release video for ‘Pink’!

For fans of: Holy Fuck, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neu!, Fuck Buttons

Outblinker have released the video for their intense EP track 'Pink'. The video premiered on Clash Magazine's website, and you can watch it now via the Outblinker YouTube channel.

You can also stream the track via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

The Antoni Maiovvi remix of EP track 'Blue' is also available to download for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Outblinker is a band not a brand. Something had to be done about the waves of soulless, corporate electro-shit masquerading as art, clogging up our creative veins. They will not be appearing in-store at Topshop or on Hollyoaks in the near future. They have no plans to release their own perfume. They do not endorse Red Bull. They would, however, like the opportunity to blow your face off with huge, cinematic driving krautrock: abrasive electro music with a throbbing punk-rock heart.

Brothers Costello (Jason & Graham), the duo behind Outblinker, also form the formidable avante-noise duo Young Philadelphia. Luigi Pasquini is one half of astonishing art-rock outfit Kabobo. David Warner and Chris Cusack are ongoing contributors to Foreign Tongue, the latter-day incarnation of Scottish DIY post-punk outfit Hey Enemy. It was partly a sense of moral duty that brought these five individuals together as well as a compulsion to explore new musical terrain and provide live audiences with tunes worth dancing to whilst avoiding a stage dominated by Apple logos and 5-figure, synchronised, cascading LED light-shows.

Alongside choice contemporaries, this quintet are looking to bring electro, krautrock and new-wave back to the underground. Up close and personal. No laptops. No safety net. So it follows all aspects of Outblinker (including recording, production, videos, art) handled in-house or via close friends, such as Good Grief Records who will be releasing the forthcoming EP, PR collaborators A Badge of Friendship or Ben Powers (Fuck Buttons/Blanck Mass) who will be producing the group’s debut album this autumn. The emphasis is on side-stepping the inherent bullshit-machine of the modern industry as often as humanly possible.

If you enjoy the sounds of Holy FuckGodspeed You! Black EmperorMarvinFuck Buttons/Blanck MassTrans AmNeu! and Turing Machine, then chances are you might get a kick out of this.

You can catch Outblinker live at the following dates:

10th June - Two's Company Studios (with Y Cvn + more) - Bristol
11th June - The Waiting Room (with Y Cvn) - London
13th June - Stereo (with Zyna Hel + Y Cvn) - Glasgow

Pink/Blue by Outblinker is out on June 15th 2015 via Good Grief Records / GabuAsso.

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Posted Thu, 28 May 2015 in Outblinker