Rebecca Lou challenges body ideals on ‘Bitch U Look Good’!

"... a message of self-confidence

and acceptance to people across the


- Team Rock

For Fans Of...Deap Vally, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, The Distillers

Rebecca Lou's riot grrrl-indebted single Bitch U Look Good is out now via We Are Suburban. On the themes of the track, Rebecca explained: “Again and again I was confronted with the fact that people felt the need to comment on my body and it made me feel like crap. ‘Bitch U Look Good’ is an anthem for self love and re-claiming your right to feel hot as fuck, no matter the skin you’re in.”

Causing a riot...

• The audio for Bitch U Look Good premiered on Punktastic!
• The video was unveiled on Team Rock alongside a feature written by Rebecca and guitarist Joachim Holmgaard about the 10 Best Riot Grrrl albums.
• Despite only starting to write songs in 2015, Rebecca and the band have already supported Danish rockers Velvet Volume on tour.

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Posted Tue, 06 Feb 2018 in Rebecca Lou