Fat Goth release video for ‘Class A’

For fans of… Mike Patton, The Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Mclusky

"You'll be none the wiser by the end of it all, but much richer for stumbling in to Fat Goth's odd little universe."

- Kerrang! Magazine

Fat Goth are crashing your house party with their latest piece of visual art, the pinnacle of cinema verité that is the video to 'Class A'. It's already been premiered exclusively by Kerrang!, and now it's available to watch on the band's YouTube channel.

Frontman, and all round lothario, Fraser Stewart had this to say about the inspiration behind the video:

“In order to give the video a humorous edge, we thought it might be funny to act like the kind of people you would never want at a house party and try to capture all the awkward and unpleasant instances resulting from unprecedented arrogance, intoxication and general sleaziness. In reality we’re invited to parties all the time due to our celebrity stature. Our friends who star in the video all found it extremely difficult and upsetting to show disdain for us on camera because they love us so much and are in awe of our brilliance. The girls who slap my face were particularly emotional and it took a long time for them to dry their tears after each take. Bless ‘em.”

You can also download 'Sweet Mister Scary', a track taken from their upcoming album One Hundred Percent Suave via Kerrang!'s SoundCloud page.

'Sweet Mister Scary' is also available via Fat Goth's official SoundCloud page.

One Hundred Percent Suave is released on 12th May 2014 via Hefty Dafty with support from Creative Scotland.

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Posted Wed, 09 Apr 2014 in Fat Goth