Introducing… Law Holt!

"...explosive..." - The Line of Best Fit

For fans of... Young Fathers, Shabazz Palaces and Blood Orange

Law Holt is more than a mere genre. Law is passion. Law is music. Music is the Law. It’s her way, always - no boundaries, no preconceptions.

To celebrate the release of her forthcoming album City, Law has unveiled the track Spit, which premiered on The Line of Best Fit and is available to stream via Law's Soundcloud page. Law is also playing at Edinburgh's Hidden Door on June 3rd, tickets are available now.

Law aka Lauren Holt has had a talent for singing since she was 16 but didn’t turn her hand to songwriting until 2013. Her first attempt, co-written with Young Fathers’ production team was Hustle, a first-take singing performance that led on to a hugely productive recording spree at the Soulpunk studio in Leith, Edinburgh. Other tracks benefitted from Lauren’s other-worldly auto-harp and occasional stabs of raw guitar, all with the distinctive dirty, wonky sound of her producers.

And as the word of Law began to spread, the world began to take notice with the Guardian, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, Time Out and The Skinny amongst others singing her praise. Then misfortune struck. It wasn’t that late. Law Holt was on a bus heading home to Leith in Edinburgh when a crazy woman caught her eye, literally, attacking her with a massive punch to the head for no other reason than that she was sharing the same space. Singing and performing were put on hold until after a series of operations that saved her sight.

Finally able to write and sing again, Law spent 2015 recording in the Soulpunk studio, including the tracks for her forthcoming album City. She’s better, stronger, fiercer and more determined than before. Her uncompromising vocal style beckons you in with sweet RnB tones that twist, turn and transform within the same breath.

Law transcends genres, time and sound. Loneliness, darkness and romance are themes she regularly explores. She describes her music as “Law themed” and she’s spot on - you can look, but there’s no one quite like Law.

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Posted Wed, 01 Jun 2016 in Law Holt