The Moth & The Mirror reviewed by Bowlegs.

"[Honestly, This World] showcases the band’s ability to switch things at will, something that makes the album worth multiple listens." - Bowlegs

Another great review for The Moth & The Mirror's debut album, Honestly, This World, as the folks at Bowlegs got their hands on a copy of the album and awarded it an impressive 7/10. Be sure to check out the full review.

You can listen to "Fire", a track taken from the album, over on the ABoF SoundCloud page.

The Moth & The Mirror - Fire by abadgeoffriendship

Honestly, This World is out now on Olive Grove Records and available to buy on the band's Bandcamp page or alternatively you can get it on Amazon or iTunes.

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Posted Fri, 09 Dec 2011 in The Moth & The Mirror